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·      Bring everyone with you – one of the #1 tips is to bring the whole family or all persons that will be living at the property. They should all come at the same time. It makes the process more pleasant and smoother if everyone who is involved visits the properties at the same time so they can have the same experience – together. Also, you need to know definitively how many rooms you need and how many roommates are actually going to be living with you.


·      Bring your checkbook – It’s a good possibility that you will find your new home on the first appointment. It’s important to put a deposit down and fill out applications immediately, taking the home you like off the market and not leaving it ‘up for grabs’. Stalling or waiting often results in losing your first choice – then you’re left with your second or even third choice!


·      Know how much you want to spend - there’s no need to ‘sandbag’ or tell your agent an amount less than what you’ve already budgeted for your housing. Your agent has no control over the prices on apartment communities as most prices are set by owners and corporations. The employees at the apartment community typically never have the authority to lower the price, but if you’re looking for a house or condo, it’s typical for owners to have some ‘wiggle room’ on the rent amount and they don’t have to check with a corporation. We’re very good at negotiating on your behalf! Typically houses and condos have a deposit that’s due with applications that’s equal to 1 month’s rent. Move in cost to an apartment community, on average, are less – around $300.


·      Know when you want to move –  know when your lease ends or when you want to be in your new home. Availability, pricing, and specials change by the minute in Houston's fast paced real estate market. The market doesn’t move with you, you move with the market.


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